Our unique way of developing and managing products is based on many years of operational experience. We use best practice to deliver your sustainable competitive advantage.


CX provides clients transitioning into the digital world with deep expertise in Customer Experience focused new product development, drawing on experience gained through working with companies ranging from digital start-ups to some of the world’s largest brands.

Global Outlook

Based in the UK but with a global perspective, our team have vast international experience, able to advise clients across the globe, from the mature markets of the developed world to the challenges faced by businesses operating in developing nations.

Digital Insight

In a rapidly changing world, we understand the disruptive nature of digital technology and its impact. This insight allows us to ensure that our clients can become digital-ready, with a product portfolio that will add value in an increasingly uncertain environment.


Alongside our eBook, our free downloads are designed to be helpful and thought provoking. Explore and improve your product development skills!


CX Methodology will enable your business to gain competitive advantage through customer focus, hard-coded into your processes and organisation.


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