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Your customers care what they can achieve using your product. They don’t care about all the great features a product has. So, look at product development from the customer’s point of view. This book will help you do just that.

CX Methodology is a pragmatic approach for companies transitioning into the digital space. It places Customer Experience at the heart of product development and embeds customer focus deep into the process. This guide provides:

  • Clear guidance for businesses transitioning into the digital space;
  • Product development based on deep insights and continuous learning;
  • Agile and responsive methodology with extensive cross-functional problem-solving;
  • Translation of the business plan, goals and strategic initiatives into tangible launched products;
  • Competitive advantage obtained through simplicity and speed.


Designed for the ultra-competitive digital world, using leading-edge practices that will improve time-to-market.


A pragmatic method to embed Customer Experience in each phase of the development process, in order to deliver products people love.



Become highly adaptive, collaborative and iterative, creating winning products through continuous learning and improvement.

Customer experience

What is Customer Experience and why is it becoming critical for business success?

Using insight effectively

Understanding what your customers want and designing a Customer Experience that provides a sustainable competitive advantage.

CX Integration

How to integrate Customer Experience deeply into your product development process at every phase.

Contents include

Customer validation

Ensuring that what you deliver matches your customer’s needs using validation techniques throughout concept, design, build and testing.

CX in different processes

How CX is implemented in Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid product development processes.

Decision making

Effective governance for clear decision making and efficient resource allocation, optimising your development portfolio.

As you would expect, we have been testing our own product. Comments on our draft eBook are:

A really pragmatic approach to designing, building, launching and managing products in a digital age where customer experience is everything.

Adrian Burholt


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