We enable your business to gain competitive advantage through customer focus, woven deep into your products, and if you want, your processes and organisation.

We bring powerful benefits your business:

  • Enhanced customer experience, leading to lasting competitive advantage
  • Shorter time to market and higher revenue
  • Sustainable differentiation
  • Improved brand performance and customer loyalty
  • Market-leading approach to customer insight
  • Continuous improvement embedded in your team
  • Well-informed decision making and increased organisational agility
  • Cross-functional alignment and the death of silos
  • The end of spend on unnecessary features
  • A product portfolio that will push your business beyond your expectations

We focus on Customer Experience

Our consultants bring true customer focus to the heart of new product development, while adding simplicity and agility to your planning. We work with you closely, shortening your development time, saving spend and shaping your product portfolio to complement your business plan. We help you analyse market research and transform it into rational action. And after launch we guide you through staggered product releases, securing continuous improvements and higher margins.

Above all we ensure your team focuses on the two essential questions – what do your customers WANT and HOW do they want it. This ultimately delivers great interactions for you and your customers at every touch point.

We audit and advise

Do you feel that you could do it better – but can’t put your finger exactly on what it takes to deliver a great Customer Experience?

It’s unsurprising that few people find the time to do a thorough assessment of their product development and management function and come up with practical ideas to really deliver a great Customer Experience.

A CX Product Management Audit focuses on delivering practical and actionable recommendations. The assessment reviews the complete Product Management Life Cycle and its enablers

We provide consulting

We work with your business to tailor-make solutions, taking into account your objectives, organisation, culture and skills. We provide guidance for existing or new products and recommend the best approach for your specific situation.

If you’re considering how to improve your Customer Experience, we can develop and implement a tailored approach for your organisation that matches your product types and business environment. Our cutting-edge approach starts with innovation and runs right through to in-market product management, equipping your business for the opportunities and uncertainties of the digital world ahead.

We run workshops and provide training

Whether your need is for general new product development training or to focus on a specific part of the process, we can provide your team with a practical learning environment.

We adopt an interactive approach specifically tailored to your needs, for example working with you to improve innovation, develop concepts, define your customer journey or adopt Voice of the Customer programmes.


Alongside our eBook, our free downloads are designed to be helpful and thought provoking. Explore and improve your product development skills!


Our unique methodology is based on many years of operational experience, adopting best practice to create an effective approach to new product development.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, consultation requests or suggestions. Use the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.